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We develop software solutions to improve your experience while using Atlassian's products.

Data Forms for Confluence

forConfluence Cloud, Server and Data Center

You have the data, we have the forms.

  • Create & customise dynamic & reusable forms
  • Use data forms to create checklists
  • Show the whole data form on your Confluence page - or just parts of the form
  • Ensure the content of your pages is standardized
  • Attach new data forms to spaces or pages with one click

Data Forms for Jira

forJira Cloud, Server and Data Center

Add or request new data on the fly.

  • Ensure that you receive all requirement information
  • Use Confluence like editors with tables and text formating
  • Attach new data forms to projects or issues with a single click
  • Compare projects with each other
  • Use data form values in postfunctions (Server and Data Center only)
  • Add new fields to your tickets without adding fields to Jira

Issue Forms for Confluence

forConfluence Server and Data Center

Extended and elegant Jira integration.
Create, edit and display Jira issues / tickets on Confluence pages.

  • Hide the complexity of Jira
  • Define and establish standards to create tickets in Jira
  • Easily and elegantly creation of Jira issues on a Confluence page
  • Create Jira issues for it-departments and get hints while filling out the fields
  • Add buttons for creating Jira issues on Confluence pages

Metadata for Jira

forJira Server and Data Center

Visualize, edit and organize key information
about your Jira projects and users.

  • Compare projects with each other
  • Check the status of a project with one click
  • Search for all critical projects
  • Search for all open issues of customers with support level Platinum
  • Filter for all colleagues at a specific business location
  • Create enhanced user profiles to see all the information you need
  • See the telephone number of the requester directly in the ticket
  • See only the information you really need

About us

About us

In 2011, our founder Andreas Spall released his first Jira Add-On. He then decided that the next step was to found evolu software GmbH.

We think software systems should evolve within the company that is using them. While finding solutions, we always have this guiding principle in our minds and our name reflects this vision.