Metadata for Jira

Visualize, edit and organize key information about your Jira projects and users.

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Use Cases

Use Cases

Mia - the Project Manager

As a Project Manager you plan and coordinate work to make sure you are meeting deadlines. You need to know how projects are tracking against business goals and to be able to see problems before they get critical.

Metadata for Jira gives you an overview over all your project. Enriched with the right metadata it is easy to spot projects falling behind with the customizable filters in the Metadata Project Overview. Save different filters for different cases to stay on top of everything.

Mike - the Service Desk Agent

As a Service Desk Agent time is of the essence. Every customer-need has to be addressed as fast as possible. On busy days it can be tough to keep the priorities straight and serve everyone as best as possible.

Metadata for Jira lets you search for issues to make prioritising easier. Search for all open issues of customers with a Premium Service Level. Or all open issues where the time to resolve is getting critical. Enrich your user profiles with information like telephone numbers or Service Levels to find them easily when needed e.g. in the user hover menu or directly in the issue.

Great Functionality

Great Functionality

People Overview

Filter for all colleagues at a specific business location and call them with one click. Search for people with a specific skill set and visit their profile page.

Everything in sight

Keep an eye on critical projects with customisable filters in the Metadata Project Overview. Or just check in on all the projects in time and under the budget.

All the information

Customise your Metadata Screens to fit your needs. Collect, edit and manage all the information you might need. So that you can see the telephone number of the requester directly in the ticket. Or get additional information about the reporter or assignee on the users hover profile.

Let your customers maintain their metadata

Through our Jira Service Desk integration, your customers can store their phone number, job title or other metadata for you.

Metadata for everything

Enrich projects, users, versions and components with Metadata so that you have all necessary information at hand when you need it, can search for issues with a specific service level or compare the progress of components.