Prioritization made easy with WSJF, RICE, ICE or your own prioritization framework.

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Requirement prioritization made easy with WSJF, RICE, ICE or your own prioritization framework



Prioritizing items effectively is crucial for efficient project management and successful delivery of software solutions. One powerful technique that can greatly aid in this process is utilizing a score to prioritize items.

By assigning a score to each item, you introduce objectivity into the prioritization process. Instead of relying solely on subjective opinions or personal biases, the score provides a standardized metric that can be consistently applied across all items. This allows for fair and impartial evaluation, reducing potential conflicts and ensuring transparency in decision-making.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Stakeholder Communication

The score of items serves as a valuable tool in stakeholder communication by providing a quantifiable measure of priority. Stakeholders can easily understand and discuss the relative importance of different items based on their scores. It enables transparent and objective discussions, ensuring that stakeholders are well-informed about the prioritization decisions.

The score facilitates effective collaboration, allowing stakeholders to provide input and feedback based on the priority of items. It enhances stakeholder engagement and promotes a shared understanding, leading to more successful project outcomes.

Project Manager

The score can greatly assist a Project Manager in effectively managing and prioritizing project tasks.

  1. It provides a quantitative measure that enables the Project Manager to objectively assess the importance of each item, ensuring a systematic and consistent approach to prioritization.
  2. The score helps the Project Manager allocate resources efficiently by prioritizing high-scoring items that align with project objectives and deliver maximum value.
  3. The score serves as a clear justification for prioritization decisions, enabling the Project Manager to communicate and align stakeholders around the project's prioritized goals and deliverables.
  4. It assists in tracking the progress of the project by prioritizing and addressing high-scoring items, providing a measurable indicator of project advancement and success.



Have the score calculated based on understandable questions

Use it on any item

Have the score calculated based on understandable questions:

  • Will this new requirement positively impact the users/customers and if so, by what degree?
  • How confident are you that this item will be well received?
  • How risky is it to invest time and resources into this requirement?
  • How easy will it be to develop, test and ship this feature?

All you have to do is add the view to your item viewer.

You can change the Score algorithm for your colleagues

Define own standards for the score calculation

Change the Score algorithm for your colleagues. Use our predefined prioritization frameworks like WSJF, RICE, ICE or define your own.

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