Data Forms for Jira

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Great Functionality

Great Functionality

Show data straight away

The data form is directly displayed if only one data form is attached.

Thereby all details of a Request for Change or Service Entry will be displayed in your Change Management Board.

With just one click you can adjust this information or take more informed decisions.

Control Dialog

Attach new data forms to the ticket by using the Data Forms Control Dialog. View or edit existing data forms with one click. Remove data forms when you no longer need them. All data forms and their data are stored as attachments on your Jira issue.

Powerful Form Builder

As Jira Administrator you can define form templates for your colleagues.
Drag and drop the fields into the template and arrange them within sections.

Possible fields:

  • Text
  • Extended Text Editor
  • Single/Multi User Select
  • Single/Multi Select with predefined options
  • Date and Datetime
  • Number
  • URL

Show and use the form on the issue

Data Forms lets you create dynamic, reusable forms to ensure your data is always standardized and updated without frictions.

Collect and present data with structured data forms to let all members, even non-technical, collaborate and input data.

Data forms are the key to improving data entry and ensuring issues are automatically standardized.

Use data form values in postfunctions.